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Is There an App like Untappd for Coffee?

Yes! Kava is the new app that helps you discover, rate, and share specialty coffee.

Maybe you've seen posts on Reddit asking "Is there an Untappd for coffee?" or maybe curiosity led you here some other way.

Frustrated that I could never find an app that would help me find the best specialty coffee shops and rate the coffees I was drinking, I decided to take matters into my own hands and build Kava.

Why Kava?

Have you ever arrived somewhere new and wondered where to go for specialty coffee?

You try Google, but your search results are littered with multinational coffee chains.

So you check some blogs but all the ads and affiliate links make you question how much you can trust their recommendations.

If you do find somewhere that looks nice, you're unsure whether it's a good place to work, or what facilities and food options you'll find when you get there.

As a perpetual traveler, I face these issues every day. So I built Kava.

Kava helps you discover the right coffee shop for you. It's the place to rate your coffees and collect badges for each country you visit. It's the place to share images and comments with your friends all around the world.

Why should you use Kava?

Kava helps you discover specialty coffee shops

You can explore our map of specialty coffee shops to find specialty coffee shops wherever you travel. All locations are checked by us to ensure they are independently owned and serving genuine specialty coffee from a high quality coffee roaster.

But the strength of Kava is that this is not a static blog or directory. New coffee shops are being added every day by the Kava community. When you find a great specialty coffee shop that is not already on the app, you can request it to be added. We aim to respond to all requests within 3 hours.

So whilst Kava is still new and Europe-centric (for now), the community of users and coffee shops is growing around the world every day.

Kava lets you rate and record the coffees you drink

Every time you go for coffee, rate your drink on Kava. Some baristas are better than others. Some coffee shops are best at espresso drinks and some specialize in filter coffees. By rating every coffee, rather than just giving the coffee shop a one-time review like on Google or some other coffee apps, Kava builds up a better picture of what the coffee shop is really like. And what coffee each coffee shop does best.

Sometimes I'm looking for somewhere laptop friendly to sit and crank out some work, but other times I just want to sit in a sunny spot and talk.

That's why we also gather data about whether the café is laptop friendly, what sort of food is on offer, do they have a terrace or outside space and various other factors to help you find the coffee shop that is best for you, each time you go for coffee.

Kava lets you share ratings, images, and comments with your friends

Follow your friends on Kava and share ratings, images, and comments on the coffees you drink with them. Like and comment on the coffees they are drinking and keep in touch with your coffee loving friends around the world.

Earn badges for each country you visit and enjoy seeing your coffee count climb.

Join the community of coffee lovers on Kava

Download the app now for free on Android or iPhone here.

The creator of Kava showing a phone using the Kava coffee app