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Top 10 Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Bucharest

Cafés in Bucharest old town

I just spent a month in Bucharest and was absolutely blown away by the specialty coffee shop scene in the city. After 30 days of traversing the city seeking out the best cafés, I feel like I only scratched the surface. There are more specialty coffee shops here per capita than anywhere else in Europe ... [continue reading]

Zagreb's Best Specialty Coffee Shops

Impressive architecture in Zagreb

Alongside Split, Zagreb is home to some of Croatia's best specialty coffee shops. Being several hours inland though, the vibe here is very different, with a more central European feel compared to the chilled out warmth of the Adriatic coast..... [continue reading]

Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Vienna, Austria

An aerial view of Vienna at dusk

Did you know that Vienna is home to the Cappuccino? Although the style was refined in Italy in the 20th century, the origins of the Cappuccino lie in the sweet and milky Kapuziner coffees served in Viennese coffee houses as far back as the 18th century.... [continue reading]

5 Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Porto, Portugal

A view of Porto at Golden Hour

Ah, Porto. Famous for Port wine, its beautifully tiled buildings, and… specialty coffee? Well maybe it’s not famous yet but it should be. Porto is fast becoming a specialty coffee lovers’ dream destination... [continue reading]

5 Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Whether you want to grab a coffee to go and wander along the beautiful Riva, or you’re looking for a laptop-friendly café to get some work done, or maybe you’re just looking for the best coffee shop in Split to sit and talk with a friend, Kava has got you covered. [continue reading]

5 Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is fast becoming one of Europe’s most exciting specialty coffee shop hotspots. I spent a month there recently and was bowled over by what I found. There are numerous cafés serving specialty beans from top-quality roasters in Estonia, the Nordics and beyond. [continue reading]

Best Laptop-Friendly Cafés and Coffee Shops for Working in Split

Backstreets in Split

Split has a great specialty coffee scene so if you're looking for a place to work whilst enjoying a great cup of specialty coffee, here is our pick of the best laptop-friendly cafés for working in Split. All the advantages of a coworking space but with delicious coffee too. What's not to love? [continue reading]