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5 Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Tallinn

Tallinn is fast becoming one of Europe’s most exciting specialty coffee shop hotspots. I spent a month there recently and was bowled over by what I found. There are numerous cafés serving specialty beans from top-quality roasters in Estonia, the Nordics and beyond. The Tallinn Coffee Festival has pushed the movement forward and the city is now a great destination for specialty coffee lovers.

Here’s a rundown of the top 5 specialty coffee shops in Tallinn, as rated by Kava users.

Paper Mill Coffee, Masina

Paper Mill Coffee’s roastery, situated just around the corner from the bus station on Masina, is the top-rated coffee shop in Tallinn on Kava and it’s easy to see why. It is more than just a beautiful, airy space: Paper Mill have established themselves as one of the best roasters in Estonia.

Whilst their coffees with milk are top-notch, it is their filter coffees and cold brews that Kava users rate most highly. Their light to medium roasts are highlighted perfectly in a Kalita pour-over but even their batch brew is exceptional.

If you stop by at the right time, you’ll see their award-winning roaster at work, filling the space with tempting aromas.

Check them out on Kava here. And be sure to visit their other café in the Viru foodcourt.

The Brick Coffee Roastery, Telliskivi

Telliskivi has become the epicentre of regeneration in Tallinn. An abandoned warehouse district near the train station has been transformed into the home for some of the city’s most exciting shops, bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

The Brick Coffee Roastery are on a mission to carefully roast coffees that highlight the unique character of whichever region the beans come from. They are also passionate about making great quality coffee available at affordable prices.

The best way to experience these complex coffees is in a pourover so ask what beans are available and order a V60 or Chemex to try for yourself.

See what other Kava users have been drinking at The Brick here.

Fika Cafe, Telliskivi

Just around the corner from The Brick Coffee Roastery lies Fika Café, possibly the most beautiful coffee shop in Tallinn, adorned with countless vintage style lightbulbs that make any photo pop.

Fika source their beans from Paper Mill, so you can be sure you’ll get a great coffee. And they have possibly the most aesthetically pleasing cups I have ever seen. They’re top rated on Kava for their Cold Brew but if the weather warrants a hot drink, try their Flat White or Kalita pour-over. Be sure you check out their bakery in Uus Maalim too.

Find them on Kava here.

Värav Coffee and Toast, Väika Rannavärav

Värav is a brunch spot that is serious about coffee. Their beans come from Kokomo, a small roastery based in the Kopli district with some of the most distinctive labels we’ve seen. The café itself is cosy and beautifully decorated but if the weather is nice, grab a seat on the terrace.

Like house wine in a restaurant, the quality of a coffee shop’s batch brew is a good indication of how much care they take over their product. And the batch at Värav is amongst the best in the city.

Here’s where you’ll find them on Kava: clicky clicky.

Karjase sai, Marati

I was first tipped off about Karjase sai by the lovely people at Eurasia Coffee Lab. It’s situated in a regenerated strip of old warehouses in the Kopli district, almost right next door to Kokomo. And yes, you guessed it – it’s another beautiful space serving top quality specialty coffee.

What’s really special about Karjase sai though is their bakery. They produce the finest sourdough bread in the city and an incredible array of cakes and pastries. Trust me you’re going to want to arrive here hungry.

Take a look at the coffees (and pastries) people have been sharing on Kava, here.

Honorable mentions

Competition for the top 5 coffee shops in Tallinn is fierce. Currently just outside the top 5, but still very much worth visiting are: Kokomo, Hetk, Cafe KIOSK No 2 and Surfcafe.

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