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Kava is also available as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

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Getting started

Kava helps you discover, rate and share specialty coffee.

Discover specialty coffee shops

Tap at the bottom of the screen to explore the map. When prompted, allow Kava to use your location.

All locations are checked by us to ensure they are independently owned and serving high quality coffee from a specialty coffee roaster.

When you tap on a location, if we have sufficient user data, you'll see whether it is Laptop friendly, what food is on offer, and the venue's average coffee rating.

This data is solely provided by Kava users, meaning that you can trust it is impartial and coming from people like you who enjoy good coffee.

If you find a great coffee shop that is not yet on Kava, you can add it using the link at the bottom of the discover page.

 Rate your coffees

Share ratings, images and comments with your followers on Kava whenever you go for a coffee. Earn badges for each country you visit.

You can rate and share a coffee by tapping

which appears at the top of your timeline and on each coffee shop's information page.

Or tap the icon in the bottom navigation.

Share with friends on Kava

Kava is best with friends. Tap here to copy a shareable invite link to the clipboard

Find more people to follow by tapping .

Tapping will bring you to your timeline where you can see the ratings, images, and comments of the coffees your friends have shared.

You can like and comment on your friends' posts. But unlike many other social platforms, we don't mess around with your timeline. There's no algorithm behind the scenes trying to manipulate your behavior. Posts simply appear in chronological order. Like the good ol' days.

Deleting your account and data

You can permanently delete your Kava account and all associated data in just two steps.

1. From your Profile page, tap the gear icon on your profile picture to access the Edit Profile page, then scroll down to Danger Zone and tap Delete account.

2. Enter your username in the text box and tap Confirm delete.

All your data will be permanently and unretrievably deleted.

Need more help?

Kava is still new and it's possible that you will find issues.

To report a bug, request help, or submit a feature request, please email [email protected].

Kava | Discover, rate and share specialty coffee.

Kava is a brand/trading name of Kava Online Media Ltd